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Jams, Jellies, Preserves

Fall Harvest is the season for gathering all the sweet ripe Apples, Peaches, Berries, other fruits and Figs for canning. Fresh Goodness put into a Wide Mouth Jar for those fresh hot homemade biscuits all year long! 

Be sure to take a gander at our "HOT" Jams & Jellies, we've took our best Jams & Jellies, throwed th' pepper to 'em and made 'em "HOT". That's right boys and girls, it's HOT Jam! This stuff is good on ice cream, cream cheese, goat cheese, crackers & toast, all them specialty cheeses that we can't pronounce or spell either, biscuits, toast, ham samich, any kink of snack food you're serving for the ball game or whatever; some of you folks might call 'em hors d'Oeuvres; yep, there good on them too. Wide Mouth Canning Jar. Pure Tennessee goodness, sent fresh to your door. 





Proud to be a product of Tennessee


A Jim Oliver's Smokehouse Brand


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